Wednesday, July 9, 2008

8 mm movie - 50's day

Our NHS74 website is almost 1 yr old.  We've been debating - what do we have to do to get more content out there - and get others to do the same!  Frankly, we're running through our stuff,
and if its stuff(photos, scrapbooks, et al) we saved, its most likely personal - and maybe of limited appeal.  5 people's photo archives pretty quickly narrows in on the "usual suspects" - and we don't want that.  

We want the NHS74 site  to be a composite, a patchwork quilt of ALL members of the class.

So imagine our excitement when one old posted scrap of our 50's day in 1973(literally a yellow clipping from the Norwood Enterprise from '73) triggered Leonard Burns to volunteer that he had 5 mins of 8mm film from that day!    

THIS is what the site is about - piecing together the fun memories, the silliness, from all of us, about all of us, for all of us.    

Thanks Leonard, and thanks in advance to everyone else for whatever content, suggestions, or leads to content about our class.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Content remains king - awareness still required

As we work on the class of 74 website for NHS, we continue to grapple with 2 variants of a basic question:
Why aren't more folks signing up? 
  1. Are they unaware of the site?
  2. Are they aware, but the site is not compelling enough for them to interact?
If anyone has any insight into this - pls leave a comment!  We'd be grateful.

In the interim, we'll keep driving new content to AND keep trying to increase awareness.  

On a separate note,  check this out - vote for the city's best burger brought to our attention by John Hill - and note that Quatman Cafe is in the running.  Vote early and often!!!!!