Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And the contacts started coming in...

We sent out an e-mail to about 60 classmates, asking them to please vote for the "features" of our 35th year reunion. A typical survey gets 10% response. We are approaching 50% - unheard of!!!

We also asked that folks get the word out - to "missing classmates" those who hadn't registered as of this posting. That is working as well. We've had another 4 or 5 folks sign up, so the word is circulating.

And then there was an e-mail concerning a missing comrade, who passed away on Christmas day a few years back. I'm sure it was a tough e-mail for the relative to write, it was certainly tough to receive. We weren't close, but we crossed paths from time to time over the years. We always spoke when we met, and laughed about those shared times, when our priorities were different from todays. We were glad to have made it - to still be making it - cause some didn't, we'd say (over a beer at Quatman, or Bogarts). Upon reflection, we all did make it - but to different destinations, following different paths, on different timings. Here or beyond.
Eternal peace Kimbo, and to all of our classmates from 74 who have already made it beyond the veil, Karen M, Mike A. and Mike S, and Greg(Nanard) M. You are missed........

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