Thursday, May 15, 2008

NHS Class of 74 - help us find them!

Please help us locate the following classmates, and encourage them to join our website.
We're planning the 35th reunion of Norwood High Schools class of 1974 (next year, 2009), and want to try to have the best event we've ever had. Even if you can't come, pls register at the website.  Yeah - I know some of you are thinking "I'm not a joiner" or "I see the people I want now" or "I'm never goin back to my old school" (we have a video for you! :--) or screw that!

But this is an appeal
- to the wisdom you've earned with age, that what matters are people and relationships, and folks would like to see you
- to your curiosity (what DOES he/she look like these days! how lame IS that site they're flogging?) hint: it doesn't suck :-)
- to take a chance to do as much as rekindle an old relationship or as little as say "hello, I must be going", or check in and tell us "i vanna be alone!" and we'll respect that.  But check in once at the site and say hey - OK?
- to take a risk, or take no risk, but try to remember one good time you had with this class, and share it, for old times sake.
- to do a simple thing, while you can


Looking for:
Abbatello Kathy
Acey Kathy
Achten jeff
Adams Terry
Adcock Harry
Adkins Jerry
Allen Linda
Alvin Taunya
Andrus Jill
Armstrong Dave
Bailey Gary
Baird Debbie
Banks Sandra
Barton Mary
Bates Sharon
Becker Byron
Bentley Rita
Blankenship Gary
Boeckmann Tom
Boelleke Bill
Boggs Brenda
Bowman Iva
Braden Mary
Brennecke Carol
Brice Chuck
Bright Roger
Brummett Bob
Bryce Charles
Burns Barbara
Burns Leonard
Burwinkel Paul
Caddell Joan
Callahan Mary
Cannon Melodie
Cholkas John
Condon Mike
Conover Sandra
Cooper Pamela
Cooper Paul
Copelin Sandra
Cornelius Connie
Counts Dennis
Cox Terry
Cox Tim
Cracraft Linda
Craft Larry
Crouch Donna
Cullen Mark
Curtis Peter
Daniels Garry
Daugherty Teresa
Dawson Robert
Day Gail
Dick Denise
Douglas Jeffery
Dow Gail
Dowd Jeanne
Downing James
Duesing Robert
Duggins Cindy
Durbin Christine
Elder Loretta
Elliott Margaret
Evans Connie
Faulkner Jim
Fichter Catherine
Fitzgerald Katherine
Fitzpatrick Jack
Flynn Larry
Foltz Mary
Fredrick Hollie
Fredrick Perry
Friar Peggy
Frost Tony
Fye Donna
Galliher Victoria
Gamble Dale
Garland Phyliss
Garland Phyllis
Gast Judy
Gearhart Alan
Gentry Virginia
Geraci Helene
Gerwe Roger
Giles Fred
Gillispe Denise
Gilreath Rodney
Goens Elizabeth
Greatorex Thomas
Green Janis
Grubbs Cynthia
Guy Thomas
Hackney George
Hafer Betsey
Hamblin Archie
Hammann Lynne
Harmon Donna
Harris David
Harris David
Hayes Cindy
Hearing Michael
Heaton Michelle
Henry James
Hicks James
Hill Gary
Hill John
Hinkle Carolyn
Hinkle Donna
Hoover John
House Tana
Howard Debra
Hubbard Gary
Hughes Patrick
Hughes Sally
Humble Mark
Hurlbut Cheryl
Isaac Kathy
Janzen Edward
Jinks Fredrick
Johnson Alfred
Johnson Julian
Johnson Lonnie
Jones Sandra
Jordan Sarah
Kelly Michael
Kemper Virgina
King Trudia
Kingery John
Knox George
Koros Costa
Kothe Carolyn
Krebs William
Krechting Sherri
Kushman Michael
Lancaster Carol
Landess Ruthann
Lay Timmy
Lee Carol
Leidenheimer Janet
Lillard Brenda
Lindsay David
Long Billy
Long Donald
Lucas Richard
Luken Thomas
Luken Thomas
Manier Thomas
Marcum Steve
Martin David
Martin Judy
Mastin Daryl
Mattingly Karen
Mayse Herbert
McAllister James
McCarthy Thomas
McCoy Connie
McFarland Lester
McGinnis Jack
McGuire Thomas
Meadors Donald
Meinking Denis
Meredith Dennis
Metcalfe Daniel
Mize Dennis
Mobley Sandra
Moore Gerald
Morgan Paul
Morrison Linda
Motz Mary
Mueller William
Mullen Stephen
Mullikin Timothy
Naegel Bradford
Newsom Scott
Newton Deborah
Nickson Partricia
Noland Charles
O'Brien James
O'Connor Timothy
Owens Linda
Page Deborah
Parker Wayne
Parr Wanda
Parsons Rick
Perkins Glenda
Pettit Diane
Phelps Linda
Phelps Patricia
Pigg Jackie
Pilman Michael
Pottinger Debbie
Prather Elbert
Prather Jack
Prather Kimbra
Privett Joy Lynne
Prows Douglas
Pugh Martha
Quillen Pam
Rader Deena
Ramsey Connie
Ramsey Kimberlea
Rawlings Gary
Reagan Mark
Reeves Paul
Reinhardt Jesse
Rhodes Roy
Rich Victor
Richmond Arthur
Ricker Michael
Riggs Shelia
Riley Vickie
Robertson Patricia
Robinson Steve
Rogers Edna
Rose Debra
Ruebusch Thomas
Schibi Donald
Schnitzler Donald
Schroeder Margaret
Schulte Neal
Shea Joseph
Sheeler Beverly
Siegman Ray
Silber Leslie
Sittason Robin
Sittason Robin
Slaven Brenda
Slayback Sandy
Slusher Pamela
Smith Kathy
Smith Shelia
Smith Shelia
Speigle Robert
Srarbati Louis
Stears Marilyn
Steele Michael
Stevens Gayle
Stevens Gregory
Stone Francis
Stoops Peggy
Stricker Kimberly
Sullivan Brenda
Sullivan Patricia
Sutton Pam
Swanson John
Tarter Sally
Telecsan Bret
Thomas Margie
Thompson Melody
Tincher Deborah
Troxell Mary
Troxell Warren
Urmetz Patricia
Utter Greg
Wagner Peter
Wall Patricia
Wardwell Beverly
Waters Shelia
Watkins Deborah
Weiler John
Weinheimer Ronald
Wells Patricia
West Terry
Westermeyer Mark
White Beverly
White Lynn
White Robert
Williams Deborah
Wilmes Glenn
Wilson Deborah
Witt Bobby
York Debbie


Joan Tucker said...

My name is Joan Tucker. I did not get the privilege of graduating with you fine people. I moved away the summer after my freshman year at NHS. I attended Sharpsburg Elementary and lived in Norwood for 15 years. Would love to be invited to the next reunion or all gatherings since I know so many of you. It brought tears to my eyes to find this web site. I am hoping that I can reconnect with my childhood friends. I now live in Crestwood, Ky and can be reached at

Joan Tucker said...

I Joan Tucker did not get the privilege of graduating with you fine folk because we moved away the summer before my sophomore year. I grew up in Norwood and attended Sharpsburg Elementary. Is there anyway I can be contacted if you have gatherings or reunions. Would love to reconnect with everyone. I am so happy to find this web site. I felt like there was no chance to find everyone again but now I think it is possible. I can be reached at I now reside in Crestwood, Ky and am a retired teacher. Please contact me thanks!!