Saturday, May 10, 2008

PLs go HERE and vote - early and often, being as it is an election yr. Like many states in the US - no ID required - so it is patriotic and
modeled after our country's best processes. This poll will help us plan the 35th yr reunion for next yr.

Secondly, these folks - whether they know it or not - are missing. All missing - perhaps willfully, or unknowingly, maybe dementia, even with aforethought and malice, or cyberphobia - who knows - but missing nonetheless. In fact, class of '74,
we're all missing. Versus our 35 year alter egos, we're missing hair, teeth, lean muscle mass, fewer meals, and as time fades,
we're missing opportunities to share memories and friendships that fade more with time....

So class - you have homework. Pick some names on this list, and SEND them this e-mail and encourage them to go sign up on the site.
It's free to sign up - no costs like that big borgish and spammy Klass-Mateys thing.
it's designed For Us, By Us - our very own FUBU (maybe we can market a line of clothes or sumpin?), in our spare time.
We've been at it for a while, have employed some cool web tricks - go GOOGLE "NORWOOD" and "1974" We come up on page one, and not by accident, and not because GOOGLE rocks(but it does). And we'll keep at it until Microsquish tries to buy is.
It IS a good way for us to keep in touch. We have scheduled chats, lotsa pictures - but pls add your own. It Is starting to turn out.

"Missing Folks" - pls go register, and now pass this message on to someone else from our class. Do not break this chain. We cannot stress enough the unknown consequences which have never taken place when some
unfortunate soul sought to tempt fate and break this chain. This message has travelled all the way around the wires and through the big thing shown on Southpark that is certainly the Internet - and then to you - over and over and over again
this one time - without being broken. So pls pass it on - and surely good class of '74 karma awaits. And - a funny thing happens - like a virtuous cycle - more people join OUR site
and the site gets more usage, contributions, content, and the experience gets better for all of us. Once you register, you will no longer be listed as missing, kinda automagically once you register - and it is free to you.
And do check out the site - there is a lot of stuff out there! But it could be way mo' betta if you were there too!

Whoever gets the most folks to sign up, and can prove it - (e.g. new signer-uppers - put a note in the log like "Tom Grace paid me 2 NHS plates to register) will be registered to win something, awarded at our 35th reunion.
So get out the emials - and get out the vote

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