Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idle Classmates

Ryan: welcome back as we continue to identify the Idle Classmates, we've asked you all to vote, results are coming in, let's ask our judges what they think. Randy?

Randy: Yo, dog, so listen up, here it is: It's kinda pitchy for me, cause 60 of you are signed up, only 30 have voted so far for the 35th reunion details. Dude - thats a lot of idle classmates, just keepin it real. I don't know baby, I don't know.....

Paula: the 30 of you that voted, did it with heart, and that's who you are. You just keep on being you, and you will be.  I'm proud of you, and Mr. Lawson would be too!

Ryan: thanks for those words of wisdom. Simon, anything to add?

Simon: I think it was a dreadful performance. About 225 classmates, 60 are registered, over 2/3rds are idle.

Audience: booooo!

Simon: That's the kind of audience attendance one would expect at a cabaret.  And seriously, 8 of those 30 voters said they had ideas, and would post them on the Reunion Ideas page
but THAT page is completely idle - no input.  I'm sorry, but that means idle hands, and you know they say that ......

Audience:   Booo!!!!

Simon: its my oPINion, just being honest.

Ryan:  that's it for another night, find those idle classmates!

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